It is a Year this Month – Fathers Custody Rights

It is a Year this Month that a misguided parent and the long arm of the law reached into my world ripped my three Baby Girls out of my life and Destroyed My Family – Forever. During this year of injustice, a million tears and a broken heart, at the hands of the people closest to me, I have seen my Children a Total of Four Times. That’s Four Times in an Entire Year!  What human being with half a heart and more than two brain cells thinks that it is in the best interest of my 11 year old Daughter and my two 7 year old Daughters for them to be taken from the only home, school, friends they have ever known and from their dotting Daddy? Apparently, it only takes one disillusion parent and one misguided judge to negatively impact these innocent little girls for the rest of their lives. It’s a crime against nature and all things holly!


My Baby Girls spent their Spring Break here at home with me in Texas. I always love spending time with them but this time it was different. It was magical and one of the most amazing and powerful experiences ever. The Girls stuck to me like glue the entire time they were here. We didn’t even really do anything or go anywhere – what an amazing time we had! We talked about everything under the sun. When they told me that they want to move back home with me here in Texas any doubt that I had in me about my fight for them completely melted away. I balled like a little baby when they left here for Maryland like I usually do but this time was different. I am completely rejuvenated, regenerated, refocused and as ready as ever to be victorious in the fight for my Baby Girls, the fight of my life.

No one is so dangerous as someone who has nothing to lose and everything to gain.“(Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord) Except for my Children nothing is off limits – no one is off limits. No one ever has to say “I wonder what their Father is doing?” You know what I am doing – every moment of my life I am working on anything and everything that will help get my Children back in my life permanently, providing for them, and serving God in the process. In the very unlikely event a jury of my Texan piers (10 of 12) don’t follow their conscience, and the guidelines put in place by the State of Texas so this exact thing doesn’t happen to Texas families. Guidelines, which state that the Children must live in Denton County or in a County continuous (next to) to Denton County so the Children can grow up with both of their parents in their lives I am already working on my case for the Appellate Courts should it become necessary. I will never stop fighting – never! 

Due to your unyielding generosity, a lot of work, and from kicking down a lot of doors I have put a legal team together to help get me through the final court case scheduled for this summer. Team? Yes! A paid attorney, an attorney advocate and support from an anonymous national fathers’ rights support group. They will help me take my fight to a Texas Jury of my piers to get this great injustice that was forced upon me and my family reversed so I can bring my Children home and get back to our lives. I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart for your support and generosity. I couldn’t have made it this far without your support. God Bless All of You.

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Never trust a woman who has broken up her family for personal happiness.  

She is loyal to no one.

Not you, not God, Not even her own blood children.

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