Freedomsoft Scam or Just Pure Greed?

The creators and sellers of the Freedomsoft program apparently can’t make enough money the honest straight forward way. The makers of the semi-popular real estate investor software will double dip your wallet at a moment’s notice. As a Freedomsoft user I found out the hard way that they rule with an iron fist. You pay … Continued

How to Sell Land With Liens On It

These liens also have different priority levels against the debt, and when the land sells, the order of the highest priority lien determines the order of payment. Most of the time the date the lien is filed determines repayment priority.
Sell My Land

10 Best Ways To Sell Your Land

Even though you now have the 10 best ways to sell your land, selling vacant land will typically take longer than selling a house. You may have to be patient but don’t get discouraged. Land markets continue to heat up all across the country and you land will sell. Folks like you successfully sell land every day. We are here to help.

How to Sell Vacant Land By Yourself In The DFW Metroplex

So you own land in the DFW Metroplex or North Texas and you’re wondering how you can selling land myself; you have a couple of choices. In this article you’ll read about what your choices are, and how to figure out which choice is best for you. Common Ways To Sell Vacant Land Yourself The … Continued