Judge Forces Father to Choose Between an Attorney and His Children

A Denton County Family Court Judge, against the *guidelines set it place for this exact type of case, allows the mother of three young girls, ages 11, 7 and 7, to move them 1,500 miles away from their Father citing that the Father may not make enough money in the future to support his children. He then orders the Father to not only pay child support but to pay for the airfare for his three Children “both ways” if he wants to see them at an average cost of about $2,200 per visit. To put this in perspective, for the Father to see his Children only one time a month, a measly 12 times a year, he would have to pay out more than $25,000 just for airfare!

Rachel Burcham

What was the Judge thinking? Does you have something against this Father or against all Fathers in general? The Judge set he and his family up for failure!


That’s right, the Father that the Judge says can’t afford to take care of his family allows the mother to move his children 1,500 miles away from him orders the Father to pay the airfare both ways if he wants to see his children. The result; the Father only saw his Baby Girls a Total of Four (4) times in an Entire Year! What a cruel, traumatic and damaging thing to do to young children and a family. The other destructive result of the unconscionable order; since the Father with no money had to pay $8,800 in airfare to see his children for four times, that Father, now has no money to hire an attorney to represent him in Court in his divorce and child custody case! What chance does this Father have to ever have a relationship with his Daughters?

The only other option the Father had was to save his money for an attorney and see his children zero times in a year. What an impossible, heartbreaking situation to put a parent in.


  • the mother who took the children away from their home should pay for the children’s airfare as she is the one that moved them away?
  • since the Court took the Fathers ability to hire an attorney away the Court should provide him with an attorney?
  • the Judge can reverse his order, follow the guidelines set fourth by the State, and bring the Children back home to Texas and save these little girls futures and maybe save this family?

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Never trust a woman who has broken up her family for personal happiness.  

She is loyal to no one.

Not you, not God, Not even her own blood children.

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